Repairing Leaks & Dripping Taps

Our team of licensed and qualified plumbers can assist with all sorts of issues relating to taps and pipes, from simple repairs like replacing washers on leaking taps to finding leaks inside walls and in shower recesses. We can also help you identify and deal with issues like broken flexi hoses, noisy tap lines and leaking taps.

What Are Some Common Tap Issues?

Issues with taps in your home can be annoying, expensive and may even cause costly repairs. A leaking tap or burst flexi hose can cause your water bill to go through the roof. A leaking pipe can also mean that moisture inside your walls could cause mould issue and create an environment very attractive to termites.

• Noisy taps
Noisy taps are more likely to occur in copper or iron pipes than in plastic as metal amplifies the sound. A noisy tap may be caused by a fault in plumbing design, a badly fitted washer or a washer seat that requires cleaning.

• Broken Flexi Hose
AFlexi-hoses are very common in modern homes and may be found on sinks, basins and toilets. Unfortunately, flexi hoses have a finite lifespan – generally they burst after ten years of age although they can burst earlier than this if you are unlucky. A burst flexi hose occurs when the braided inner lining breaks causing the rubber inside to expand.

• Leaky tap
Water leaking from your tap is by far the most common plumbing issue with taps. A leaking tap can be caused by a wide range of issues including damaged or worn out washers, incorrectly installed washers or corrosion.

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Unlike most plumbers, we provide a fixed written quote on the spot. You will know exactly how much the work will cost before our plumber gets to work. After you agree on the price we will get to work straight away and leave your home clean and tidy.


Our plumbers will always send you an SMS when they are their way so you know exactly when they will arrive.


NPD Plumbers have received higher level training than the average plumber and will be polite, helpful, skilled and extremely knowledgeable about their job. It's what makes us so highly recommended from our clients!


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