Who’s inspecting your home? Homespec Others
Are they fully insured? YES ?
Are they Housesafe certified inspectors? YES ?
Are they trade qualified? YES ?
Do they provide detailed reports with colour photos to support findings? YES ?
Are the Pest and building inspections completed by two separate experts rather than one inspector attempting to do both? YES ?
Can they provide Electrical inspections by a trade qualified Electrician? YES ?
Are they available after you receive the report to discuss any queries you have? YES ?

  • Identify Major Electrical Hazards
  • Switchboard and Components
  • Safety Switch Test
  • Identify Outdated or Recalled Cable
  • Smoke Alarm Test
  • Identify DIY/”Dodgy” Electrical
  • Compliance Tests
  • Assess Roof Space Wiring
  • Assess Subfloor Wiring
  • Internal and External Fittings
  • Findings Clearly Identified in Report
  • Accompanying Colour Photo’s
Peace of Mind from $299
  • Identify Major Building Hazards
  • Identify Minor Building Defects
  • Full Exterior Inspection
  • Full Interior Inspection
  • Roof Exterior and Void inspection
  • Full Subfloor Inspection
  • Full Site Inspection
  • Garages, Decks and Pergolas
  • Recommendations Provided
  • Report Findings Clearly Identified
  • Accompanying Colour Photos
Peace of Mind from $450
  • Identify Presence of Termites
  • Identify Workings of Timber Pest
  • Identify Conditions That Attract Termites and Timber Pests
  • Full Interior Inspection
  • Full Roof Void Inspection
  • Full Subfloor Inspection
  • Site Inspection incl. Gardens & Fences
  • Water Damage & Wood Rot
  • Advice on Rectification Provided
  • Report Findings Clearly Identified
Peace of Mind from $280


  • Full Building Inspection
  • Full Pest Inspection
  • Full Electrical Inspection
  • Free HomeSpec Extras Report
Ultimate Peace of Mind (WAS $999) NOW $799
Combined Building and Electrical from $500
Combined Pest and Building from $580
Combined Pest and Electrical from $460