There are common plumbing problems that you can easily deal with yourself. Here are some tips from our head plumber! Call Josh if you get stuck 0421 787 385


If you have a WATER LEAK relax this is an easy fix – just go our the front of your place and turn the water off at the mains. Give us a call on 0421 787 385 and we will be there as soon as we can to fix the problem.

If you have a GAS LEAK this is a more serious situation but you just need to stay calm and find the isolation valve at the meter or on your gas bottles and turn the gas off and call 0421 787 385 we’ll be there ASAP


90% of the time if water from the toilet fills and slowly drains away this is called a Partial Blockage proceed with the house hold plunger to move blockage further down the sewer pipe.
Repeat process until water stops draining slowly and returns original function.
If water doesn’t drain at all this is called a Full Blockage/Sewer Choke, best course of action is to use household plunger and proceed with plunging. Try not to add water until the toilet drains away, nothing worse then wet smelly socks.
50% of the time you will need a Plumber ASAP don’t panic just call 0421 787 385 we’ll be there ASAP.


If you own a larger home with multiple bathrooms and you have to stop a bad smell either coming from the floor waste, basin, bath or shower  and even potentially the toilet simply open a widow & turn the ceiling fan on as you run water through all the fixtures. This will fill the trap located at the bottom of the fixture creating a body of water stopping sewer odours passing through.
With regular use of all fixtures should prevent any smelling odours. If smell persists call 0421 787 385.


To stop over-flowing gutters it may be as simply as clearing the gutters of roof catchment (leaves, dirt, branches, possibly dead critters). This may be a daunting exercise for some as heights are a dangerous situation so don’t hesitate to call 0421 787 385 for a cheap & safe solution.
If over-flowing gutters are constantly reoccurring then up sizing your gutters or adding an additional downpipe may be needed. In that cases call 0421 787 385.


If you hear a thud/rattle as you turn off water fixtures this generally means the rattling pipe needs extra support. If the rattle can be located then proceed to buy a clip to suit and brace pipe. Try not to flex to a different location as this can result into pipe leaks and a very wet and costly outcome. If thuds continue further inspections are required just call 0421 787 385