NPD Plumbing & Drainage Aims …

When setting up NPD Plumbing we noticed that there are plenty of plumbers around Maitland and Newcastle who had a policy of high pricing and no options. We want to be different!

  1. We guarantee to provide real plumbing prices for real people.
  2. We will provide you with multiple solutions and multiple price options so you don’t feel pressured from only a single choice.
  3. We WILL arrive on time and leave your place cleaner than when we arrive.
  4. We always aim to produce flawless outcomes with maximum savings because NPD understands that we all have bills and commitments.
  5. You can talk to our plumbers direct!

Joshua Noyes

Josh is our head qualified licensed plumber. He started plumbing aged 16 and was nominated during his apprenticeship for Australian Apprentice of the year through MBA master builders association. Since then he has had many years of experience in domestic and commercial plumbing situations.

Besides his years of experience with practical plumbing and drainage problems, Josh also has extensive knowledge of plumbing design through hydraulic design experience.

If you need to call on Josh’s plumbing design expertise or a plumbing and drainage problem at your place Josh is more than happy to help.

Call Josh direct on 0421 787 385